Fraud & Non-compliance

SFC provides forensic assistance in relation to internal investigations as well as regulatory and criminal enquiries regarding fraud, corruption and non-compliance.

The purpose of forensic investigations is to establish facts and collect actionable evidence. SFC typically works on fraud and corruption cases but also in relation to investigations conducted by financial and anti-trust regulators.

We leverage the wide array of expertise available to SFC in order to address the requirements of each investigation. Our experts include lawyers, corporate intelligence and e-discovery specialists, forensic accountants and IT forensic specialists.

SFC provides a unique combination of professional investigative expertise, digital forensic as well as forensic accounting capabilities. We build on those combined skills to deliver cutting-edge information to our clients and unearth unexpected links between facts. We strive to ensure that our reports are tailored to the requirements of our target audience, which typically includes e.g. management, external and in-house counsel, authorities and internal audit committees.

Representative engagements include:

  • Internal investigations: in relation to suspicions of fraud, corruption and other non-compliant behaviour
  • Regulatory enquiries:  in relation to anti-trust (COMCO, EC) and compliance (FINMA, AMF)
  • Criminal investigations: in relation to white-collar crime, e.g. fraud, corruption (FCPA, UK Anti-Bribery Act, Loi Sapin), and insider trading

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