Risk management

SFC provides in-depth investigative and due diligence services to help clients achieve their strategic and operational goals, mitigate risks and manage crises.

Our investigative and due diligence services span all industries and jurisdictions. SFC regularly works on complex research assignments involving sensitive regulatory, political and industry issues. Our robust methodology helps up deliver in-depth information and consistently reliable facts. We produce reports that are designed to provide actionable intelligence by setting out clear and structured information addressing the specific questions asked by our clients.

Our international network of correspondents enables us to conduct systematic reviews of public domain information, interviews with sources as well as other field inquiries across multiple jurisdictions and industries.

Representative engagements include:

  • Enhanced due diligence reports prior to a transaction or the establishment of a business relationship
  • Due diligence reports specifically designed to address compliance and regulatory requirements
  • KYC investigations, review of economic background and sources of funding before e.g. new client onboarding or accepting a donation
  • Pre-employment background checks for senior and sensitive positions
  • Competitive intelligence

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