SFC is a leading provider of corporate intelligence and forensic services.

We conduct investigations worldwide to help our clients collect and understand critical facts.

Our specialist teams provide a comprehensive suite of integrity due diligence and corporate intelligence services, as well as support in relation to commercial litigation and arbitration, internal investigations, criminal and regulatory investigations.

We rely on a network of correspondents to extend our research capabilities globally, which enables us to address complex transnational assignments seamlessly.

Our goals: help our clients establish facts and manage risks

Our clients typically need to obtain clear and solid facts in order to prepare for or support litigation proceedings, enforce a judgment or arbitral award, respond to regulatory investigations or address suspicions of fraud. We give them leverage in complex situations and enhance their chances of success by delivering reliable and robust evidence to support their case.

Our clients also need to manage risks by getting to know their counterparties better: business partners, distributors and agents, acquisition or investment targets, new clients or new employees… Regulators increasingly require organisations to perform enhanced due diligence research (e.g. FCPA, UK Anti-Bribery Act, Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act). Beyond regulatory requirements, better information also helps our clients make fact-based assessments and directly contributes to better governance as well as reduced risks.

Across its service lines, SFC strives to deliver reliable, relevant and actionable information to help its clients make their case, mitigate risks and leverage their position. We are familiar with the requirements of law firms, in-house counsels, private banks, commodity traders, family offices and multinational corporations. Our robust research and delivery methods ensure that we consistently deliver solid data to our clients across various industries.

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