Asset Tracing

SFC provides asset tracing services to law firms and their clients globally.

We work with law firms and their clients both before and after arbitral and court proceedings. We develop and implement asset tracing strategies to identify and locate recoverable assets worldwide.

We specialize in tracing hard-to-find assets by disentangling complex ownership structures across jurisdictions. We use robust research methodologies and extensive local sources in onshore and offshore financial centres to uncover the clues that eventually lead to actual assets.

We always work in close conjunction with the lawyers involved to ensure that any asset we find is recoverable in the jurisdiction concerned. We have extensive experience in cross-border cases and have traced assets in all shapes and forms, from sailing boats and real estate properties to works of art and bank relationships.

Recent asset tracing assignments include:

We identified several apartments in Belgium and Germany belonging to the State and associated government agencies worth over EUR 10 million. We established that these properties were unduly presented as diplomatic residences by the sovereign State, while being used for private purposes by individuals close to the government.
We located the individual in Cyprus and the UAE and identified a number of properties in various jurisdictions that had been transferred to his daughter; however, the timeframe of ownership transfers provided evidence that the intermediary had attempted to conceal his personal assets.
We discovered a luxury villa on the French Riviera belonging to one of the principals who was also supported by a Luxembourg-based bank. Moreover, the two principals had established a discrete trading entity in Switzerland where substantial profits were accrued. SFC put together robust evidence to help the client retrieve what was owed.
Several financial institutions joined forces to sue a Russian businessman who had set up a fraud scheme worth over CHF 20 million and was allegedly in hiding in Switzerland. We successfully confirmed his whereabouts in the Zug canton and unearthed a large villa and several luxury cars registered under the name of his wife and of various corporate entities.
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