Due Diligence

SFC provides enhanced due diligence services to clients worldwide.

We provide enhanced due diligence services to help our clients mitigate risks and meet their regulatory obligations.

Our services span all industries and jurisdictions. We regularly work on complex research assignments involving sensitive regulatory, political and industry issues.

Our robust methodology helps up deliver in-depth information and consistently reliable facts. We produce reports designed to provide actionable intelligence by setting out clear and structured information addressing the specific questions asked by our clients.

Recent due diligence assignments include:

We identified substantial political exposure of a potential intermediary as well as past controversies, including bribery of officials in order to secure access to supplies. Our due diligence report was a key factor in the client’s decision not to proceed with the new intermediary.
The prospective client claimed that their fortune originated from the sale of a company in the UK in the late 1990s, yet the bank had failed to find confirmation of this transaction. We reviewed extensive corporate records and interviewed former Board members to confirm the sale of the company for a substantial amount, allowing the bank to onboard the client.
Our client sought to establish a strategic partnership with a Chinese group and its parent company in Hong Kong. SFC put together a detailed profile of the Chinese group’s decision-making structure, including the senior executives met during previous meetings in Hong Kong. Our research brought to light that the Chinese group was fully aligned with strategic goals defined at government-level in continental China. We also showed that influential Communist Party members were the real decision-makers rather than the Hong Kong-based senior executives.

For compliance purposes, we established the professional background of the buyer, an allegedly high-net worth Lebanese businessman. We also reviewed the respective profiles of the financial advisors who had set up the offshore entities through which the seller expected to receive the proceeds of the sale.

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