SFC was founded by corporate intelligence and legal professionals to leverage their expertise and deliver innovative fact-finding services.

Yannick Poivey

Prior to founding SFC, Yannick Poivey managed his own corporate intelligence boutique, One Intelligence Sàrl, for 8 years. He was previously employed with various international specialist consulting firms and has extensive experience in the field of corporate intelligence, due diligence and external investigations.

Yannick Poivey contributes to various industry publications in Switzerland and abroad. He is a member of Swissintell, the Swiss association of intelligence professionals.

Nicolas Leroux

Nicolas Leroux is a member of the Geneva Bar. He holds a PhD in international law from Université Panthéon Assas Paris 2. He is also the founder and managing director of Kalexius, a leading provider of alternative legal services.

Nicolas Leroux is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences on asset tracing and due diligence.

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