Litigation support

SFC provides external investigations and e-discovery services to law firms and their clients.

Finding the right information at the right time is often critical to success in court and arbitration proceedings. At SFC, we work with companies and their counsel in relation to large-scale, complex court and arbitration proceedings in order to collect, share and review relevant evidence.

With respect to external investigations, our teams of lawyers and investigative specialists work together to offer a comprehensive suite of intelligence services to law firms and their clients:

  • Investigating the solvency of defendants before initiating court or arbitral proceedings;
  • Performing asset tracing in relation to the enforcement of judgements and arbitral awards;
  • Locating individual respondents prior to initiating litigation proceedings;
  • Collecting background information on defendants.

With respect to e-discovery, our teams have been amongst the early pioneers in continental Europe and now have considerable experience helping law firms leverage existing technology and managing large volumes of documentary evidence. Our lawyers, IT specialists and corporate intelligence professionals work together to:

  • collect relevant information (scanning paper document, collecting electronic documents in any format)
  • deploy e-discovery platforms featuring powerful, in-depth search capabilities allowing all stakeholders (law firms, clients, experts, etc.) to access all documents and perform full-text searches at any time
  • analyse and cross-check the information using investigative techniques and provide answers to the questions asked by counsel

SFC combines the IT forensic capabilities of specialist IT providers and the professional investigative expertise of a first-rate corporate intelligence firm. We leverage this combined expertise to deliver cutting-edge, innovative services to our clients, allowing them to have a comprehensive view of the evidence at their disposal at all time.

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