Freezing oligarchs’ assets: yes, but…

As efforts to freeze the assets of Russian individuals under sanctions have made headlines, we wished to reflect on the operational difficulties caused by the complexity and opacity of the holding structures set up by their advisors.

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Shell Companies, Data Hurdles Give Rise to ‘Oscar,’ EU’s Newest Sanctions Project

SFC Founder Yannick Poivey comments on Russian oligarchs moving money offshore in a ACAMS – article.

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Leveraging investigations in the context of contentious insolvency proceedings

Creditors sometimes fight the wrong battle: they focus recovery action on the tip of the iceberg, because the debtor has made arrangements to divulge only a minor part of their assets and business interests.

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« Comptes dormants » : comment les réveiller ?

Il y a toujours des dossiers plus urgents à gérer, mais il faut tout de même se méfier des comptes qui dorment. Les relationship managers en banque privée y sont confrontés épisodiquement. A l’exemple du client étranger, souvent âgé, qui depuis des années ne répond plus aux courriers.

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Combining external investigations and IT forensic reviews

Quite often, external investigations remain strictly external and do not draw on the wealth of information available within the client’s digital archives. Of course, it is understandable that clients may wish to share with the external investigator only the information that is strictly indispensable for kicking off the research.

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Leveraging Corporate Investigators in Asset Recovery: An Update

Led by SFC, this webinar aimed to lift the veil on how lawyers can really leverage investigators and also give a view of recent developments in their practice.

FIRE & ICE: Freezing the Un-Freezable

A multi jurisdictional and multi practice panel of experts convened by ThoughtLeaders4 FIRE to discuss the world of unusual assets.

Everything you always wanted to know about Investigators

Roundtable organized by ThoughtLeaders4 Fire to address common myths and misconceptions about investigators.

Tracing assets in Switzerland

Webinaire à destination des avocats russes sur le thème des recherches d’actifs à l’étranger, organisé par le Centre Européen de Coopération Juridique.

Corporate intelligence for lawyers

Corporate intelligence investigations in the context of legal proceedings - with the Association of International Business Lawyers (AIBL)

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