April 18, 2023

Asset Recovery CEE Conference - our takeaways

SFC – Swiss Forensic & Compliance co-founder Nicolas Leroux was in Warsaw last week for the inaugural Asset Recovery CEE Conference. From perspectives on asset recovery in Ukraine to advances in technology, the conference covered several key challenges for the CEE region and beyond.

 A few takeaways:

1️⃣ The war in Ukraine has created an explosion of information sources in the region. This means more information, more difficult to go through and more hoops to go through to access reliable information.

2️⃣ Although often a tremendous asset, technology isn’t foolproof. New AI programs can give investigators what it thinks they want rather than exactly what is asked for. More common tools such as search engines are less reliable than before as manipulating or deleting information becomes easier. As with every sector, technology for the sake of technology is not a silver bullet: experienced investigators are essential to understand a wide range of data sources.

3️⃣ The role of investigators is evolving. Today’s investigators spend more time managing an information overload and sifting through many data sources rather than struggling to locate information. Instead of looking for information, they focus on knowing where to look.

4️⃣ Social media also has a significant impact on investigations and being fully absent from social media can look suspicious. Similarly, when investigating online, it is often more efficient to start at the end of search results as the first few pages tend to be a battle of influencers.

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